The most recent Bout Of ‘Dr. Phil’ About Anorexia Crossed the Line

The most recent Bout Of ‘Dr. Phil’ About Anorexia Crossed the Line

Often the news headlines isn’t because simple as it is designed to seem. Juliette, The Mighty’s associate mental health editor, describes what things to bear in mind if you notice this subject or comparable tales in your newsfeed. This is actually the Mighty Takeaway.

Sigh. Dr. Phil did it once more. While I’ve generally resigned myself to your proven fact that Dr. Phil continues to push away irresponsible, cringe-worthy television underneath the guise of “therapeutic intervention,” their newest episode on Monday about anorexia crossed the line from reckless to dangerous — and it also warrants a discussion.

The episode follows Jordan, a woman that is 23-year-old with anorexia, as she navigates her condition and hard household relationships. {Whilst it’s perhaps not inherently bad to accomplish.

In typical Dr. Phil fashion, he offered no evaluation that is psychological alternatively opting to inquire of increasingly dramatic concerns to obtain “shocking” responses from Jordan. This type of sensationalized questioning doesn’t encourage a want to find out more about and help people with consuming disorders — it encourages the viewers to take part in morbid voyeurism of someone whom desperately requires health intervention that is mental.

Below, we’ll break up why this episode had been dangerous, and exactly what harmful — and that is false it perpetuated about anorexia. […]