exactly just How varied could be the evidence of exactly what Elizabeth appeared to be at the moment?

exactly just How varied could be the evidence of exactly what Elizabeth appeared to be at the moment?

KH: numerous records result from international visitors and from German visitors. They truly are all men – experienced diplomats, solicitors, or young medical students – and are seeing the face that is public of queen. We all know that Elizabeth regularly made by herself publicly noticeable: people could head to her palaces and she publicly processed from her quarters to chapel for a providing an opportunity for people to see her and make petitions to her sunday.

In 1592 Count Frederick of Wurttemberg and Mompelgard paid a call to England in addition to queen received him in person in Reading on 17 August. Their secretary composed (though he gets her age incorrect, thinking she’s more than this woman is):

“Yet notwithstanding that her Majesty is at this time around inside her 67 th [sic] 12 months, seeing that she ended up being selected Queen regarding the 16 th of November, 1558, when you look at the 33 rd year of her age, and has now therefore borne the hefty burthen of governing a kingdom thirty-four years, she require perhaps not indeed – to guage both from her individual and appearance – yield much to a new woman of sixteen. She’s got a rather dignified, serious and look that is royal and guidelines her kingdom with great discernment.”

In 1598, Paul Hentzner, a 40-year-old German attorney, had been travelling being a tutor to a new Silesian nobleman for a three-year trip. In 1612 he published a merchant account of whatever they had viewed as the queen prepared through Greenwich Palace to chapel:

“Next came the Queen, within the sixty-fifth 12 months of her age, upon her head she had a small crown… as we were told, very majestic; her face oblong, fair, but wrinkled; her eyes small, yet black and pleasant; her nose a little hooked; her lips narrow, and her teeth black (a defect the English seem subject to, from their too great use of sugar); she had in her ears two pearls, with very rich drops; she wore false hair, and that red;”