The Difference Between Guys That Bang Hot Girls and Super Hot Girls

The Difference Between Guys That Bang Hot Girls and Super Hot Girls

Through the full years and particularly after going to Los Angeles, We have made plenty of buddies (and acquaintances) that have been very good with ladies.

At least above typical contrasted to your guy that is average just bangs a number of girls in the life time.

Most of the dudes are element of my various circles that are thereforecial so i have gotten to learn them.

For the many part, many of these dudes have actually listed here in accordance-

  • Above average looking, or made themselves above normal hunting. No dual chins, alcohol bellies or “I do not value my looks/body therefore you shouldn’t hold it against me.”
  • Good design. Which range from particular designs (Affliction douche bag, rockstar, business CEO) to simply ‘well dressed’.
  • Personal freedom. Just weren’t frightened to communicate with girls, some are capable of being aggressive and touch ladies. (therefore testing)
  • Cool / confident. This basically goes with, social freedom – but its more of a “vibe.”

We preach on GoodLookingLoser as you know- Looks, Style, Social Freedom is the recipe for lots of pussy and most of what.

These guys get despite the similarities, there is a stark difference in the quality of women. It varies a great deal, despite the fact that all of these dudes have [probably] slept with at the least 30 girls.

Just somewhat a lot more than a few get top-shelf quality ladies.

A minority for the dudes have the super sexy hot girls, high status aspiring or working models, actresses, physical fitness girls, hereditary wonders that comprise the most truly effective a fewpercent