5 reactions to Why Your Tinder photos Suck (and exactly how to correct Them)

5 reactions to Why Your Tinder photos Suck (and exactly how to correct Them)

How exactly to Repair It:

I cover how to take better photos, how to pose better, what to wear during a photoshoot, etc like I said, go read my free, massive Tinder guide.

If you’re nevertheless a bit lost, We provide mentoring and complete Tinder profile overhauls (I’ll tell you what’s working, what’s not, Photoshop your pictures and inform you precisely what pictures to head out and shoot).

The Takeaway:

If some of these errors appear to be nit-picking, or I get laid with mediocre pics too?”… Have some damn self-respect if you’re tempted to use the excuse, “But Andy, most other guys have shitty pics, why can’t. Place in the effort and actually you will need to get set. You’re maybe maybe perhaps not targeting 1 date every couple of months, are you? Because that’s all you’ll get if the pictures are since crap as the ones I’ve posted above.

Just like the rest on this web site, we’re targeting elite – you want a huge selection of matches per week, near-endless options, which means you won’t have to stay. But dealing with that phase calls for awesome Tinder photos – you won’t get by with close-up selfies shot at night, or 10 lame shots of you at the gym, surrounded by sweaty males.

Wish samples of great Tinder photos? Plunge into my Tinder images and Inspiration page for the massive variety of elite-level photos.

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Jesus christ this really is most likely the most readily useful weblog that I’ve ever seen. It really is the most down seriously to earth, located in truth blog sites I’ve ever look over. I’m tired of the redpill perhaps maybe maybe perhaps not acknowledging essential appearance are, but I’m additionally tired of the “blackpill” screaming just about appearance but never ever really doing such a thing and being constantly being self defeatists. You appear to have grasped the main and good judgment components of advice and place it in to a easy/fun to read format. […]