Without a doubt about ‘Tinder rapist’ Glenn Hartland sentenced to over 14 years in prison

Without a doubt about ‘Tinder rapist’ Glenn Hartland sentenced to over 14 years in prison


  • Hartland ended up being sentenced after pleading accountable to 3 counts of rape plus one count of intimate attack
  • He was called by the judge a predator whom held their victims hostage to their “dysfunctional character”
  • Hartland will provide a non-parole amount of 11 years

In Glenn Hartland, 44, pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one charge of sexual assault october.

He came across the ladies via Tinder between January 2014 and June 2016 along with relationships that are brief them.

County Court Judge Paul Higham stated the internet “provides a fertile landscape where predators can roam”.

“as soon as your victims dropped into the orbit, they certainly were made hostage and held hostage to your dysfunctional character,” he stated.

The court heard in each example, the violence that is sexual as soon as the females had attempted to split up with him.

Judge Higham stated Hartland revealed no remorse or understanding of their actions, and imposed a period that is non-parole of years.

Some people in the clapped that is public the phrase had been passed down, nonetheless they had been rebuked by Judge Higham.

“No, it is not a spectacle that is public. We usually do not do general public hangings. It isn’t a circus,” he stated.

Judge Higham stated the effect of Hartland’s offending have been enduring and “deeply traumatic”.

“It’s paid off strong, confident and women that are empowered afraid and uncertain shells of these previous selves,” he said.

Three regarding the females had been raped inside their houses after splitting up with Hartland.

The court heard, Hartland’s fiancee had been waiting in her car for him on two of those occasions.

“Rape has nothing in connection with desire. It’s nothing in connection with intimate attraction,” Judge Higham told Hartland.

” this is a criminal activity of invasive physical physical physical violence. […]