20 Best Foreplay Tips for ladies to Please Him during sex

20 Best Foreplay Tips for ladies to Please Him during sex

15. Feed Their Fetishes

Many dudes possess some sort of fetish. To feed his fetish, you need to first determine what exactly a fetish is:

“An unusually strong liking or dependence on a certain object or task, as an easy way to getting sexual joy.”

Dudes aren’t freaks it just makes foreplay for men more interesting, and totally fascinating for you if they get aroused by certain things.

A little on the wild side like balloons, feed that fetish whether his fetish is something mild like shoes and feet or something!

He’s going delighted him, no matter how unique his sexual interests are, and he’s going to grow even more comfortable with his sexuality in the process because you aim to please.

16. View Porn with Him

Perhaps porn is certainly not often your thing, or even it’s however you would rather get a sneak peek alone.

Dudes are obviously stimulated via sight, therefore porn for him may be foreplay all on it’s own.

You think he’ll like and watch it together if you want to do something special to enhance foreplay with your partner, consider picking out a sexy video. […]