Just What, like, two girlfriends? Franklin’s polyamory FAQ

Just What, like, two girlfriends? Franklin’s polyamory FAQ

Fine, therefore what is “polyamory”?

The phrase polyamory is dependent on the Greek and Latin for “many loves” (literally, poly many + amor love). a polyamorous individual is anyone who has or perhaps is available to having multiple connection at any given time, utilizing the knowledge and permission of all of the their lovers. a romantic relationship where in fact the people into the relationship agree totally that it is ok for everybody to most probably to or have other romantic lovers. Polyamory could be the concept or practice to be polyamorous or having relationships that are polyamorous.

So polyamory is much like moving?

Not really. Moving has a various focus. Swingers concentrate on leisure intercourse, though friendships and much much deeper bonds may develop. With polyamory, deep relationships will be the focus, although the intercourse is normally enjoyable.

Oh, we gotcha. So, like, you have got a gf from the side.

No. This is certainly something various also. The term that is technical that is “cheating.”

Six of 1, half dozen associated with the other.

No. The point that defines a polyamorous relationship is the fact that everyone else included is aware of, and agrees to, everybody else else’s participation.

You have a girlfriend that your wife doesn’t know about, or that your wife suspects but isn’t sure about, or that your wife knows about but isn’t happy with, you’re not poly, you’re cheating if you are married, and. […]